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Kenzie Kern Jewelry

Vintage glass wheels and stars found in Amsterdam

Vintage glass wheels and stars found in Amsterdam

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This is made to speak to Amsterdam where the very materials were found.

Recycled brown glass is stamped and hand wrapped - hung with other round shapes to be reminiscent of all the bikes and wheels inĀ Amsterdam. All of the glass pieces in this necklace were found in a small shop in the center of the city. The colors are representative of the architecture in the Netherlands - shades of brown brick and deep greens fill the cityscape. A hammered gold star is an homage to Anne Frank - I recently visited what was once her Amsterdam home in the 1940s and was profoundly impacted.Ā 

Made fromĀ custom fine gold charms and chain cast in Italy. Each element is made from a base of silver and dipped in 22kt gold. This piece is designed to last.


22k gold plated silver, vintage recycled glass, quartz, pearl



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